EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Evolution and Impact FDI in Romania, in the Context of Past and the Present Macroeconomic

Cornelia Elena Tureac, Luminita Maria Filip, Bogdan Constantin Andronic


In the article we want to emphasize the evolution of FDI in Romania during 2008 – 2010. Through the achieved foreign direct investments, the companies are following to obtain the largest possible gain from the capitalization of the own “advantages”. As a result, these internalize the external markets, generating internal flows (within their organizational structures) of goods, services, knowledge, etc. So, the companies make FDI when they have “benefits” that can be used with greater profitability outside the national borders, which implies, that it was reached a certain level of economic development of the source countries. The research methodology is found in using the literature of specialty, statistical data and graphs. The decision to invest in a particular country is based on a thorough analysis of the local factors (advantages of the host country), correlated with the necessities of profitability of the economic agents and the size (intensity) of risk associated with the operation in a foreign environment. In conclusion the FDI, in the first then moths of 2010, totaled 2.145 billion euros, in decrease with 26% compared to the similar period of the last year when there was registered a level of 2.9 billion euros.


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