EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The Financial Market of the Cross and Up-Selling Insurers from Romania

Luminita Maria Filip, Bogdan Constantin Andronic, Cornelia Elena Tureac


The biggest threat for the worldwide financial system is the recession at global level, which would have a major impact on the insurance industry. The differences between the results of European companies during the crisis, had a close connection with the aggressive or defensive investment strategies. Although the bank assurance agreements exist and they are developing further, the partnerships of this type didn’t have the expected success in Romania, so far. Once with the market penetration from Romania of some insurers of European size, more specialized companies have launched bank assurance partnerships with banks, especially in the view of distribution of life insurances, and more recently, of the promoting the package of current account, products of savings – credit in the housing domain, pension funds, credits for small companies, mortgages and the one of personal needs. The success of this type of sale is still to come and put in doubt, at this point, the efficiency of promoting the banking products by insurers.


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