EIRP Proceedings, Vol 15, No 1 (2020)

The Global Pact for the Environment- a Necessity and One of the Answers to the Worldwide Environmental Crisis-Where to?

Elena Loredana Pîrvu


At the UN Summit in New York on 19 September 2017, the French President announced all the representatives of the world States that he wanted to establish, under the aegis of the UN, what would be not just a design project, but a global pact for the environment, therefore a new instrument of international environmental law, whose goal would be supplementing the international environmental law, enhancing the coherence thereof and enabling the implementation of the obligations set forth in such law, which may take the form of an international treaty adopted by the General Assembly. The initiative belongs to the Club des juristes and aims to collect in a single text the great international principles of environmental law and make them binding, due to the possibility of enforcing them in courts of law. This text could become the backbone of international environmental law.


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