EIRP Proceedings, Vol 15, No 1 (2020)

Intelligence College in Europe - a New Challenge for the European Union?

Tache Bocaniala


For the European Union, the issue of ensuring security, coupled with the defense of citizens' rightsand freedoms, is becoming increasingly important in the context of amplifying serious threats such as terrorism,extremism, corruption, fund fraud or the one of the current pandemic Coronavirus, requiring new action formsand tools. Thus, although since its first manifestations it has been claimed that the newly establishedIntelligence College in Europe is not a community structure of the European Union, in fact it can be observedthat it has been added practically to the other agencies with attributions in this field, besides the European PublicProsecutor's Office, as a body dedicated to improving cooperation between information structures subordinatedto the governments of European countries. In this study we discuss and try to determine to what extent, suchan entity can and should contribute to the rebuilding Europe and the revival of European construction bycontributing to strengthening the security of the European Union and defending the rights and freedoms of itscitizens.


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