EIRP Proceedings, Vol 15, No 1 (2020)

The Peace Courts in the Romanian Judicial System

Constantin Tănase


Reconciliation, as a way of solving disputes between the members of the Romanian communities,has ancestral origins and obviously a long tradition. Firstly known in the old customary law (the Law of thecountry or Jus Valahicum or Jus Valahorum) the peace was taken over by modern law, creating specializedcourts (peace courts, the district courts, the traveling judges), or the public entities (the peace commissions, thejudiciary commissions) that contributed to the simplification and speed of the act of justice, but also to educatethe population and to create a correct attitude towards the law and its compliance. Currently, although somelegal institutions and a legislative framework have been created as an alternative in the litigation confrontationin court, the role of reconciliation is quite blurred. The present paper highlights the experience gained in thefield of reference and some ways of re-evaluating and reusing it.


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