EIRP Proceedings, Vol 2 (2007)


Georgeta Dragomir


The paper represents an analysis in the domain of the social insurances for health care. It emphasizes
the necessity and the opportunity of creating in Romania a medical service market based on the competing
system. In Romania, the social insurances for health care are at their very beginning. The development of the
domain of the private insurances for health care is prevented even by its legislation, due to the lack of a
normative act that may regulate the management of the private insurances for health care. The establishment of
the legislation related to the optional insurances for health care might lead to some activity norms for the
companies which carry out optional insurances for health care. The change of the legislation is made in order to
create normative and financial opportunities for the development of the optional medical insurances. This
change, as part of the social protection of people, will positively influence the development of the medical
insurance system. The extension of the segment of the optional insurances into the medical insurance segment
increases the health protection budget with the value of the financial sources which do not belong to the
budgetary funds.


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