EIRP Proceedings, Vol 2 (2007)


Mihaela Cosmina Petre (Nita)


Although the credit is a conventional financing method of an enterprise’s work, this tool is by far a hot
issue. The range of credits that a bank provides, and the current policy is to customize these tools in order to
meet the typical financing needs of the enterprises that request them. Considering the risks the bank takes the
charge of by placing credits, the „eligibility” terms of enterprises that can get such financing are very strict.
Restrictions concerning the accepted degree of liability, the accomplished level of performance or available
warranties may represent real „barriers” for many enterprises. Of these „barriers” the high cost of some
financing tools can be mentioned. In order to have a clearer picture of what this financing source is for an
enterprise, I have carried out a cost analysis of these financing tools, the medium and long term credit cost and
the short term credit cost respectively.


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