EIRP Proceedings, Vol 2 (2007)


Iulian Boldea


Mircea Ivanescu draws, in the space of his profound, ironic and at the same time parodic poems, a
universe of culture-referential reverie and pure playfulness. The poetic register is therefore mainly playful, unmystifying
the major themes and the experiences are translated into the fragile ink of bookish warmth. For
Mircea Ivanescu, the cultural reference is mainly translated by a faded representation of the real. In spite of
some detail pointing to the exterior universe, the world of these poems is made of reminiscence, allusions and
affective echoes, rather than of clear notations of the objects. Not few of these poems are built by directing
poetic “events” of limited dimensions, events that preserve their hypothetic status, being situated in the plan of
possibility, of ambiguity and probability, rather than in that of certainty.


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