EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

The Global Dimension of Education

Vasilica Negrut, Jana Maftei, Varvara Coman


The general objective of the paper was founded on a very current topic of great interest as globalization is no longer a simple theoretical debate. It is a major process that clearly shapes the evolution of the contemporary world, opening new opportunities for development. In the information age it increases the technology importance of education, institutional performance, mass media. Not only the economy, but also the education is covered by profound changes caused by the information revolution and there have been significant, dramatic changes. Using content analysis, through a descriptive study research, this paper aims at showing a new dimension of education, the global dimension, starting from the development of new technologies and their role in the global economic growth. We thus appreciate that ensuring quality education for all citizens it will enable the EU to face the challenges, namely the globalization and competitiveness of newly industrialized countries, the demographic structure, the rapidly evolving labor market and the revolution of information and communication technologies.


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