EIRP Proceedings, Vol 7 (2012)

Performances and Deficiencies of the Regulation of the Phenomenon of Family Violence in the Republic of Moldova

Diana Ionita


The family protection and support, the development and consolidation of family solidarity, based on friendship, affection, moral and material encouragement of family members is a national goal. The acts of violence among members of one family can seriously affect the very existence of the family, frequently causing the dismemberment of it. The deeply harmful effects of violence among members of one family, both for them and for society, as well as the recrudescence of such violent acts imposed as a major priority the prevention and combating of this form of the violence. Family violence is a social problem and, at the same time, a serious violation of human rights, being exercised in different forms: the punishment of minors, the restriction of the woman’s (man’s) independence, the non-respect of the rights, feelings, opinions, expectations of the woman (man), violence among brothers, abuse against elderly family members etc.. It is also a social relation whose consequences cannot be ignored at the level of political decision, from the perspective of accession to the European Union’s structures of our country.


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