Vol 8 (2013)

Table of Contents

Legal Sciences

Harmonization of Legislation of a Candidate Country with EU Legislation: Insights from the Prism of the Citizens of Macedonia PDF
Abdula Azizi

Particularities of the Public Procurement Contentious PDF
Vasilica Negrut

The Evolution of the Nondiscrimination Concept in the European Labour Law PDF
Radu Popescu

Human Rights in the Context of Cultural Diversity PDF
Emilian Ciongaru

Considerations about Cloud Services: Learning from Italian Scenario PDF
Riccardo Cognini, Maria Concetta De Vivo, Damiano Falcioni, Pietro Tapanelli

The Renunciation to Apply the Punishment in the New Criminal Code PDF
Ion Rusu

The Postponement of Applying the Penalty in the New Criminal Code PDF
Minodora Ioana Balan-Rusu

On the Legal Nature of Penalty Relinquishment PDF
Constantin Tanase

Considerations regarding the interception and recording of conversations or communications performed under Law no. 535/2004 on preventing and combating terrorism PDF
gradinaru sandra

Aspects in connection to the interception and the recording of talks or conversations performed as per Law 51/1991 regarding the national security of the Romanian country PDF
gradinaru sandra

The Sanctioning Treatment of Criminal Participation by Inactivity PDF
Lucian Gaiu

Criminal Liability of the Legal Entity PDF
Ciprian Cretu, Andreea Alexa

The Right to Remain Silent in Criminal Trial PDF
Gianina Anemona Radu

Legal Personality of Inter-Governmental International Organisations PDF
Cristian Jura

Concept of Suzerainty PDF
Cristian Jura, Denis Buruian

Considerations on National and Union Regulations of Work through a Temporary Employment Agent PDF
Carmen Constantina Nenu

Mediation in Penal Cases on the Offence of Simple Destruction PDF
Nicoleta Elena Buzatu

The Treaty of Nice, European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights PDF
Nicolae Dura, Catalina Mititelu

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights PDF
Nicolae Dura, Riccardo Mititelu

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

The Importance of Structural and Cohesion Funds on Regional Development in Romania PDF
Manuela Panaitescu

Social enterprise compliance with social marketing peculiarity PDF
Cristina Sandu

Foreign direct investments - challenges and perspectives for Romania PDF
Cristina Maria Batusaru, Alexandra Vasile, Ilie Banu, Marin Popescu

EU Enlargement between Economic and Political Criteria PDF
Romeo Ionescu

Green Economy – A New Dimension of Development PDF
Raluca Mihalcioiu

Rational Choice, Consumer Vulnerability and Empowerment: Diverging Economic Perspectives and Issues for Debate PDF
Madalina Balau

Tourism as a key tool for sustainable development – an analysis from the perspective of the European context PDF
Mara Ursache

European Monetary Union PDF
Adrian Constantinescu, Liliana Aurora Constantinescu, Alexandra Dumitrescu

Efficient Organizational Communication - A Key to Success PDF
Ramona Todericiu, Lucia Faticiu

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

European Union news themes in Romanian Radio Stations. Case study: Europa FM and Radio Romania Actualitati PDF
Antonia Ioana Matei, Florica Iuhas

Qualitative research methods in visual communication. Case study: Visual networks in the promotional videos of the European Year of Volunteering PDF
Camelia M. Cmeciu, Doina Cmeciu

Thematic Structures of EU News in “Adevărul” PDF
Ruxandra Ileana Boicu

Employer brand strategies of the Antena 1 and Antena 3 TV broadcasters in the context of globalization PDF
Viorica Paus, Andreea Bara

The Role of Media in Everyday Life of Young People. Information vs. Entertainment PDF
Oana Draganescu

The European Union in the Romanian Online Media PDF
Rudinschi Carolina, Mircea Sava

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

Medical Brain Drain in Romania: trends before and after accession to the European Union PDF
Irina Boncea

Romania in the Process of Democratic Consolidation. The Impact of the Electoral System PDF
Marcela Monica Stoica

Grotesque as Aesthetic Identity: from Medieval Illumination to Contemporary Art PDF
Mircea Ioan Lupu

The Analytical Framework of the Conceptualization of Globalization PDF
Ionut Stefan

The European Citizen and Public Administration

The Legal Framework for Regionalization of Romania PDF
Ion Popescu-Slăniceanu, Cosmin Ionuț Enescu

Comparative study on local e-Government. Romania and Turkey PDF
Catalin Vrabie, Kemal ÖKTEM

A Comparative Perspective on Emerging Administrations in Italy and Romania PDF
Bogdan Berceanu

The impact of Information and Communication Technology in the Government Reform PDF
Liviu Bozga, Mihaela Mateescu

Quality in Education

Education Policy, Applied Language Learning and Economic Development PDF
Lillians Violeta Negrea

Danubius International Business School – Different Ways In Business Education PDF
Mirela Arsith, Radu Lupoae, Catalin Ionescu

Cross-border Structures and Europeanism

The Borderline Impact of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: A Non-Europeist Comparison between the EU and the SCO PDF
Pierre Chabal

The Journalistic Information about the European Union. The Journalistic Interest of the European Matters in Three European Countries Media: Poland, Romania and Spain PDF
Damian Guzek, Radosław Aksamit, Iwona Biernacka-Ligięza, Ruxandra Boicu, Otilia Gainar, Florica Iuhas, Antonia Matei, Natalia Milevschi, Marian Petcu, Carolina Rudinschi, Mircea Sava, Rodica Sutu, María Ángeles López-Hernández, Rubén Domínguez Delgado, Miriam Suárez Romero

The Open Method of Coordination, A Cross-border Mechanism for Social Practice PDF
Tatiana-Camelia Dogaru

Forests in the Light of Sustainable Development PDF
Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Leonard Dorobat