Vol 9 (2014)

Table of Contents

Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

Equity – Connotations in the Current Romanian Legal System PDF HTML
Emilian Ciongaru

Short analysis of the essential elements of the typical employment contract and of its importance in maintaining it within the current social and economic context PDF HTML
Carmen Constantina Nenu

The Legal Regime of the Right to Administrate Public Property PDF HTML
Vasilica Negrut

The Legal Regime of Public Procurement Contracts PDF HTML
Vasilica Negrut

The Transfer of State Sovereignty: Analysis of Constitutional Change in Macedonia during the EU Accession Process PDF HTML
Abdula Azizi

The Constitutive Content on the Offense of Leaving Post and Working under the Influence of Alcohol or other Substances according to the New Criminal Code PDF HTML
Ion Rusu

The employer's obligation to inform the successful candidate, namely the employee, on the essential terms of the individual employment contract. National and European normative aspects PDF HTML
Carmen Constantina Nenu

Crina Alina Tagarta

Reflections on the Child Born with Unknown Parents and the Adoption Institution PDF HTML
Gabriela Lupsan

The Need of the European Public Prosecutor's Office in the Context of Strengthening the Integration PDF HTML
Tache Bocaniala

Elements of Comparative Law on Extended Confiscation PDF HTML
Alexandru Boroi

Rights and Restrictions of EU Citizens within the Freedom of Movement of Persons PDF HTML
Diana Duca, Gabriel Gurita

Judicial Functions in the Criminal Trial PDF HTML
Constantin Tanase

European Union as a Unique Foundation PDF HTML
Mihaela Carausan

Restriction of Certain Rights and Freedoms in the Romanian Constitution PDF HTML
Iulian Savenco

Dignity in Employment – the Protection of a Fundamental Right PDF HTML
Radu Popescu

Causes of Supporting. Causes of Non-Imputability. Delimitations PDF HTML
Angelica Chirila

The Restorative Justice System - An Alternative to the Official Criminal System PDF HTML
Monica Pocora

Victim's Rights - Comparative Approach within EU Legislation PDF HTML
Monica Pocora

Mediation, Mandatory Information and Facultative Applicability PDF HTML
Mihail-Silviu Pocora

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Regional Environment Disparities and Europe 2020 Strategy’s Goals PDF HTML
Romeo Victor Ionescu

Banking Union- Present Stage and Its Perspectives PDF HTML
Petre Prisecaru

EU Funding for 2014-2020 – Upcoming Opportunities and Challenges PDF HTML
Gabriela Marchis

The impact of external public audit on the budget deficit PDF HTML
Cristina Batusaru, Alexandra Vasile, Iosif Moldovan, Ioana Vlada

A Discussion Regarding the Armey Model Validity for Romania PDF HTML
Alina Cristina Nuta, Florian Nuta

The Transition and Integration of the Albanian Economy in the EU PDF HTML
Leontiev Cuci

Social Risk Management on german labour market PDF HTML
Raluca Mihalcioiu

Diagnosis of the Viability of Industrial Companies with Treasury Sensitivity Coefficient PDF HTML
Bogdan Andronic, Vadim Dumitrascu

Utilization of European funds in the Public Administration. Study Case - Galati County Council PDF HTML
Manuela Panaitescu

Paradoxes of Sustainable Development within European Integration PDF HTML
Janusz Grabara

Historical and Contemporary Aspects of the Market for the Cargo Traffic carried on the Romanian Ports PDF HTML
Florin-Dan Puşcaciu, Rose-Marie Puscaciu, Mirela Mihalache, Viorica Puşcaciu

An Incursion in the Economic Theory of Location PDF HTML
Rose-Marie Puscaciu

Tax Evasion, an Integral Part of Corruption PDF HTML
Carmen Elena Coca, Galina Ulian, Rodica Elena Faida

World Economy and World Seaborne Trade in the 2005-2013 Period PDF HTML
Romeo Bosneagu, Carmen Elena Coca, Florin Sorescu

Economic Development of the Black Sea Riparian Countries during 2004-2012 PDF HTML
Romeo Bosneagu, Florin Sorescu, Rodica Elena Faida

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Managerial Communication in the Context of Organizational Change PDF HTML
Mirela Arsith

Developing a better interaction between citizens and the municipality – study case PDF HTML
Catalin Vrabie

Social communication between Traditional and the New Mass-Media PDF HTML
Andreea Maria Tirziu, Catalin I. Vrabie

From Accountability to Self-Regulation in Romanian Media PDF HTML
Daniela Popa

E-Health Standards – Austria Case Study PDF HTML
Luise Brosser, Catalin Vrabie

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

Intercultural Communication PDF HTML
Georgeta Modiga, Gabriel Avramescu

Progress of Fulfilment of the Kyoto Objectives by the European Union PDF HTML
Paul Calanter

The Approach of the Muslim “Other” in the Western Media PDF HTML
Alina Chesca

Contemporary Globalization, the Transition from Border to Integration PDF HTML
Florin Iftode, Ionel Sergiu Pirju

Communication in Multinational Companies and the Role of Developing Countries PDF HTML
Victor Negrescu

European Integration and the Process of Globalization PDF HTML
Ionut Stefan

Constructivist Pedagogy and Alternative Teaching Methods for Intercultural Education PDF HTML
Ramona Lupu, Alina Anghel, Marian Vilciu

Globalization and its Impact on Contemporary Culture PDF HTML
Alexandru-Corneliu Arion

Succession of States in respect of Treaties PDF HTML
Jana Maftei

Quality in Education

Education Regarding Ethics in the Accounting Profession – a Literature Review PDF HTML
Alin Chelariu, Emil Horomnea, Tanasa Florentin

Strategic Management of Human Resources PDF HTML
Nen Madlena

Cross-border Structures and Europeanism

Improving the National and European Policies through Impact Assessment’ Implementation PDF HTML
Tatiana-Camelia Dogaru

The European Citizen and Public Administration

European Citizenship between Past and Future PDF HTML
Georgeta Modiga, Gabriel Avramescu

The search of a new logic of public administration reforms: the case of metropolitan areas in Italy PDF HTML
Renato Ruffini, Mihaela Tucă, Alessandro Sancino, Martino Andreani

The Reform in the Administrative System, Aspects of Progress or Form of Discrimination of the Public Officer? PDF HTML
Sandra Gradinaru

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

Insights into the Ukrainian Crisis PDF HTML
Daniel Arfire

A New Risk Factor in the Evolution of Intelligence PDF HTML
Ecaterina Guita

Security In The Extended Black Sea Region As A Means Of Further European Integration PDF HTML
Alexandru Teodoru

How Do Leaders Shape the World – Intelligence Role PDF HTML
Gabriela-Simona Corsatea

The Execution of Criminal Fine Penalty PDF HTML
Cosmin Peneoasu

Notorious Cases of Serial Killers PDF HTML
Elena Catalina Iosub

The Untold War PDF HTML
Alexandra Ene-Calin

Facial Recognition PDF HTML
Sergiu Mihalache, Mihaela-Zoica Stoica