Vol 10 (2015)

Table of Contents

Quality in Education Quality Assurance Internationalization and Management of Higher Education in a Globalized Society

Comparative Analysis of Ranking and Accreditation: Exploring a Set of Universal Principles for Higher Education Quality Assurance PDF HTML
Steve O. Michael

The Impact of International Accreditation and Rankings on the Transformation of Higher Education System in RF PDF HTML
Sergey Zapryagaev

Integration of Russian Higher Education System in EHEA. Problems and Achievements PDF HTML
Evgenia Karavaeva, Sergey Zapryagaev

Developing a Performance Evaluation Model of Trustees Boards in Iranian Universities of Medical Sciences PDF HTML
Haniye Sadat Sajadi, Mohammadreza Maleki, Mohammad Hadi

Educating Integral Innovators in a European Academic Network

New Tools for Spatial Intelligence Education: the X-Colony Knowledge Discovery Kit PDF HTML
Sorin Alexe, Gabriela Alexe, Consuela Voica, Cristian Voica

Entrepreneurial Higher Education and Economic Progress

The Place of Entrepreneurship in Higher Education – Present State and Perspectives PDF HTML
Iga Kott, Wioletta Skibińska, Katarzyna Szymczyk, Izabella Turek

Cascade Innovation, a Model of a Romanian, Original Business Economy PDF HTML
George Teodorescu

Critical Analysis of Higher Education Structure, Financial Policies, Revenue Sources and Expenditures. Study Case: Romania PDF HTML
Carmen Sirbu

Organizational Capabilities of the Entrepreneurial University PDF HTML
Lucian Gramescu, Nicolae Bibu

Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

Circulation of authentic instruments under Regulation (EU) no. 650/2012 PDF HTML
Crina Alina Tagarta (De Smet)

The Liability of Local Elected Representatives PDF HTML
Vasilica Negrut

The European Divorce (applicable law). Council Regulation (EU) No 1259/2010 of 20 December 2010 implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of the law applicable to divorce and legal separation PDF HTML
Crina Alina Tagarta (De Smet)

Limits of Evidence within EU PDF HTML
Monica Pocora

The Electronic Evidence in Trial Proceedings PDF HTML
Monica Pocora

The Order of Protection in the Romanian Legal System PDF HTML
Natalia Saharov, Brindusa Camelia Gorea

Conflicts of Jurisdiction in Criminal Proceedings PDF HTML
Mihail Silviu Pocora

The Relationship between the Employment Contract and other Civil Contracts PDF HTML
Radu Răzvan Popescu

Science of Law in Context of Globalization PDF HTML
Emilian Ciongaru

The Main Principles of the Criminal Trial in the New Procedural Regulation and their Importance in Practice PDF HTML
Constantin Tanase

The EU’s Decision Making Process Changes in the Constitutive Treaties PDF HTML
Andrei Calapod, Ani Matei

Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments Passed in the Third Countries on Criminal Law Sanctions of Deprivation of Liberty PDF HTML
Ion Rusu

Mediation in Medical Malpractice - Realities and Prospects PDF HTML
Alexandru Boroi, Gina Negrut, Marian Serban Petrescu

Prolegomena of Human Rights. Historical Roots and Globalization PDF HTML
Ana-Alina Dumitrache-Ionescu

Aspects of UN Activities on the International Protection of Women's Rights PDF HTML
Jana Maftei

Some Aspects of International Children Abduction - Theoretical and Practical Approach from the Perspective of the European Law and Judicial Practice PDF HTML
Gabriela Lupsan

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights PDF HTML
Nicolae V. Dura

The European Convention on Human Rights PDF HTML
Catalina Mititelu

Law for Asylum in Albania and Some EU Regulations on Asylum Issues PDF HTML
Katrin Treska, Engjëll Likmeta

The Evolution of European Union Legislative Framework Regarding Public Health PDF HTML
Liliana Lacramioara Pavel

The Right to Health Care – National and International Regulations PDF HTML
Alina Mihaela Călin

Judicial Truth PDF HTML
Varvara Licuta Coman

Considerations with Regards to the Subjective Part of the Involuntary Manslaughter PDF HTML
Sandra Gradinaru

Workplace Offences in the Light of the New Criminal Code PDF HTML
Amalia-Mihaela Lazer-Gavrilă

Some Aspects of Citizenship from the Perspective of International Law PDF HTML
Jana Maftei

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in the Case Where a Convicted Person is in Romania PDF HTML
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu

The “Restrictive” Nature of Civil Liability for the Acts of Minors or those under Judicial Interdiction PDF HTML
Mirela Costache

The Abolition of Unfair Terms according to EU Legislation PDF HTML
Gina Livioara Goga

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Regional Educational Disparities vs Underperforming Educational Management in Romania PDF HTML
Romeo Ionescu

The Crisis of the Sovereign Debt - Interdependencies, Responsibilities and Risks PDF HTML
Georgeta Dragomir, Mariana Trandafir

The Vulnerability of the Regional Labor Market PDF HTML
Mihail Rarita

An Evaluation of the Sale of Public Assets as Alternative Public Debt Reduction Strategy in European Countries PDF HTML
Irina Bilan

Management and Marketing Elements in Maritime Cruises Industry. European Cruise Market PDF HTML
Romeo Bosneagu, Carmen Elena Coca, Florin Sorescu

Risk, the Element of Any Economic Activity PDF HTML
Carmen Elena Coca

Sea Global Containerized Trade. Present and Future PDF HTML
Romeo Bosneagu, Carmen Elena Coca, Florin Sorescu

The Stackelberg Model for a Leader of Production and Many Satellites PDF HTML
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

The Cournot Equilibrium for n Firms PDF HTML
Gina Ioan, Catalin Angelo Ioan

The Monetary Policy in a Changing World PDF HTML
Mariana Trandafir, Georgeta Dragomir

An Analysis of the Relationship between Life Expectancy at Birth and the Total Public Revenues in Romania, during 1995-2013 PDF HTML
Alina Cristina Nuta, Florian Marcel Nuta

Assessing Goodwill in Hotel Business Case Study: Milcofil SA. Vrancea PDF HTML
Dan Pauna, Luminita Maria Filip

The Impact of Real Estate Market in the Albanian Economy PDF HTML
Dorina Kripa, Dritjon Muçaj

The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media in the Hospitality Industry. A Study of the North East Region of Romania PDF HTML
Andreea Maha

Comparison of the Public Procurement System in Romania and the UK PDF HTML
Mihai-Bogdan Petrisor

Capital Market Integration. New Challenges in an Enlarged Europe PDF PDF HTML
Delia-Elena Diaconasu

Theoretical and Practical Considerations on the Execution of the Leasing Contract in Romania PDF HTML
Gheorghe Dinu, Raluca Antoanetta Tomescu

Past and Current Paths to European Union Accession: Romania and Turkey a Comparative Approach PDF HTML
Tatiana-Camelia Dogaru

The Problems of Economy Integration of the Republic of Moldova in the European Union System PDF HTML
Gheorghe Rusu, Mihai Bumbu

Towards the Importance for Sustainable Development: Case Study: Albania PDF HTML
Klodiana Gorica, Ermelinda Kordha Tolica, Kozeta Sevrani

The Insights on Polish E-Commerce – The Present State and Proposed Solutions PDF HTML
Janusz Grabara, Bartłomiej Okwiet, Paula Bajdor

The Determinants of FDI in the Central and Eastern Europe: The Impact of the European Integration PDF HTML
Hanna Makhavikova

The Evolution of FDI in the Context of Globalization PDF HTML
Valeriu Laurentiu Onose, Ecaterina Necşulescu

Eurozone Integration - Performance and Risk to the National Economies PDF HTML
Adrian Petre

Eco – Innovation in European SMEs: between Limitation and Possibilities PDF HTML
Ionica Oncioiu

Challenges Regarding the Romanian SMTEs’ Struggle to Excellence through Innovation in a Global Economy PDF HTML
Ionica Oncioiu

Quantitative Aspects of the Gap between Romania and the European Union PDF HTML
Florin-Dan Puscaciu, Viorica Puscaciu, Rose-Marie Puscaciu

Why Foreign Direct Investment- Albanian Case PDF HTML
Edlira Luçi, Argita Frasheri

The Potential Sources of Change in Romania Regional Policy PDF HTML
Gabriela Marchis

Analysis and Trend Determination of the Evolution of Tourist Accommodation Establishments (Adjusted Data Based Seasonally) in the European Union (28) with Analytical Methods PDF HTML
Rodica Pripoaie

Types of Leader in Organisation PDF HTML
Marian Aurelian Bargau

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Forms of Pamphlet Discourse in the Romanian Media during the Interwar Period PDF HTML
Fanel Teodorascu

University Branding. An Analysis of University Services Delivered via the Internet PDF HTML
Catalin Vrabie

Foreign Language Learning using E-Communication Technologies in the Educational Sector PDF HTML
Andreea-Maria Tirziu, Catalin Vrabie

False Psychology Treaty for Translators PDF HTML
Constantin Frosin

Where Are You Going, Humanity? PDF HTML
Constantin Frosin

The Contribution of the Emotional Intelligence on Social Services for the Homeless People PDF HTML
Gabriela Duret, Nicu Duret

Perspectives of the Press Council in Romania PDF HTML
Daniela Aurelia Popa

Political Discourse and the Theory of Speech Acts PDF HTML
Mirela Arsith

Film Advertising in the Albanian Press before World War II PDF HTML
Vjollca Hysi Panajoti, Mirdaim Axhami, Loreta Zela Axhami

Gender Representation in Online Media. Case Study: the Interview PDF HTML
Delia Gavriliu

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

Security Components of Globalization PDF HTML
Florin Iftode

Innovation in Developing Countries - a New Approach PDF HTML
Dagmara Bubel, Zuzanna Ostraszewska, Tomasz Turek, Agnieszka Tylec

Creation, Identity and Reflection PDF HTML
Alina Chesca

Demanding Culture: A Study of Excessive Competition and Innovation and Managerial Implications for Multinational Enterprises PDF HTML
Chutinon Putthiwanit

Culture and Cooperation during the Interwar Period PDF HTML
Anisoara Popa

War of Alphabets in Transnistria. European Court of Human Rights and the “Catan Case” PDF HTML
Ruxandra Alexianu

European Conservatism as a Present Political Ideology PDF HTML
Ionut Stefan, Sergiu Pirju

The European Citizen and Public Administration

Considerations on the Improvement of the Legal Framework Necessary for Preventing and Combating Violence against Women in the European Union PDF HTML
Tache Bocaniala

Human Resource Investment – a Step in the Development of Public Administration PDF HTML
Luminita Iordache

Processes of Legislative Adaptation Undertaken by the Romanian Public Administration in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis PDF HTML
Ani Matei, Octavian Chesaru

Flexicurity in the Current Economic and Social Context PDF HTML
Georgeta Modiga, Andreea Miclea, Gabriel Avramescu

E-Cohesion – a Simplification Method within European Union Rules PDF HTML
Paul Zai, Cristina Nicoleta Caranica

Political Party Funding in Romania - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? PDF HTML
Iulian Georgel Savenco

Civil Servants Liability PDF HTML
Iulian Georgel Savenco

Linking Government to Academic Research: Lessons from the American Progressive Era PDF HTML
Valentin Filip

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

A Lead Provided by Bookmarks - Intelligent Browsers PDF HTML
Dan Balanescu

Analysis on the Taxation in the EU Member States PDF HTML
Ana Alexandru

Judicial Individualization of Punishment in Special Situations. Judge's Role in these Cases PDF HTML
Cosmin Peneoasu